Dear colleagues and guests,

Happily here we go again. It is with great honor and pleasure that we welcome you to the 28th anesthesia annual congress & the 21st French Lebanese symposium on anesthesia reanimation & pain management.

In continuity with the previous theme “anesthesia an art beyond sleeping” this year we chose complementary subjects of anesthesia and added other issues of general interest such as management related to medicine and statistics. Our aim is to stimulate our junior colleagues to increase their efforts in reading, research and publishing papers in national and international journals. As much as we acknowledge the attendance of our colleagues from the Arab countries, the participation of our distinguished lecturers from Europe and the USA and our generous sponsors, as much as we recognize the efforts of my predecessors in rendering LSA a national and internationally renowned and notable society.

Speaking of “predecessors” we should not forget the endeavours of those who treated patients with limited recourses long before the birth of modern medicine. They gave us the wonders of complementary medicine such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, meditation and bio feedback Techniques. Hence the workshop on acupuncture that I advise you to attend.

Again do not miss our very rich social program, sightseeing tours of the heavenly Lebanon, tasty mezza and gala dinner.

Again, it is an honor and pleasure to have you all with us. In my name and on behalf of the organizing and scientific committees I welcome you to Lebanon the land of cedars and alphabet.

Nadim M. El Jalbout, M.B., B.CH, D.A.,
President of LSA